Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Top 5 reasons there's no Internet today in Kerala

Top 5 Reasons why there's no Internet connection today in Kerala

5. "It's raining"

4. "The man didn't come"

3. "The boat didn't come"

2. "The man with the boat didn't come"

and the #1 most popular reason you can't get on the Net today in Kerala....

1. "Strike today, Meddem!"

Honourable mention...."It's still raining."


El Bachir Boukhairat said...

Bonjour tout d’abord !
Par curiosité de te connaître, j’ai fini par te lire. Mais c’est philosophique plus qu’il est poétique ce que tu as écrit sur l’homme, le bateau, la pluie et la connection. Mais il y’a beaucoup des histoires qu’on racontait, elles marchent aujourd’hui avec la réalité. Mais l’homme avait pris habitude d’attendre Godot, même s’il ne vient pas. En tout cas je t’invite à lire ma dernière symphonie de Mr de la cigale et Mademoiselle la fourmi dans mon blog : et en même temps écouter la chanson du corbeau et le renard. Et si tu veux voilà mon MSN :

First hello! By curiosity to know you, I ended up reading you. But it is philosophical more than it is poetic what you wrote on the man, the boat, the rain and the connection. But there is a lot of stories which one told, they go today with reality. But man is usuly waiting for Godot, even if he will never come. In anyway I invite you to read my last symphony of Mr. of the Cicada and Miss the Ant in my blog: and at the same time to listen to the song of the Craw and the fox. And if you want my MSN here is:

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LaVieQ said...

"Meddem!" You got that accent right so!

Once, the guy sitting next to me (from Kerala for sure) on the plane on the flight from Bombay to Kochi asked me a few questions which led to a bit of a chit-chat. Eventually, I introduced myself. And he responded with,
"I am Wretch-ed"

He repeatedly told me his name a few more times. Probably the hurt on my face was plain.(Well, who wouldn't be if they are told that their name makes others feel wretched!) Then it dawned on me.

Doh! "Richard!"

"Oh, so nice to meet you richard!"