Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Taxi driver: you talkin ta me?

More email from a fellow expat
Kathmandu, 15 November

Jimbo, I know it's time to be getting outta Dodge. I am finding myself fighting with the cab drivers over 30 rupees (approx. fifty US cents) and one told me to f*** off in Nepali ("machig-ne"). When he said "no meter," he said 100 NRs for a 30 rupee fare and I told him to find a cop so I could tell the cop what this jerk had just said. "Machig-ne" is really worse than f*** off, it has to do with your mother and a dog! Then he asks me where I am from, and I tell him Canada! I mean, these drivers have the meters wired into the horns on the cars and various other tricks to wind up the meter.

Last night what should have been a 50 rupee fare, I know because I have taken the trip many times before - turns out the meter says 140 and I just didn't want to fight with the guy so I had given it to him and then a Nepali friend shows up and I tell him what the driver is doing and he starts for the taxi and the driver takes off! These are mean streets! I just wanna get out with my shirt on. I mean it. One of the doormen at a cafe where I spend a lot of money got me a taxi this afternoon, and when he came back I gave him ten rupees. He says no, he wants a hundred! I got so mad, I was told tonight that this guy was just hired recently and he is not to be trusted. So looks like I will not be taking taxis from this place anymore!
Thanks for letting me vent, let's talk later. - Willy

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