Monday, November 28, 2005

Only in India: Hot line to Haran

Waste of tax dollars - I bet this guy (right) talks to God for free all the time!
Lucknow, November 27: Moving to a loftier plane than Inspector General of Police D.K. Panda - who annointed himself Krishna's 'Doosri Radha' - a senior official claims divine status and a direct telephone line to Lord Shiva.
Singh claimed to have established 'direct contact' with Lord Shiva with whom he 'converses on the phone every day'. As a result, his phone bill reads more than Rs 25,000, well beyond the entitled limit of Rs 2,500.

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Shinu Mathew said...

Well, as I said, anything in the name of GOD! it's a pity that our well-educated babudom is seeking publicity by this kinda cheap gimmicks. The re-incarnation of Radha and a hot line to Lord Shiva. Last read, there is no Telephone cable laid in Himalaya / Kailasa. Must be a satellite telephone :)

Where else you can see this kind of gimmicks? Now back to Nepal where a teenager is in meditation for 6 months! But what he does at night is a mystery. Not intended any offensive but doesn't that sounds a bell somewhere?
anyway Thanks for your argumentative comments on my page.