Thursday, February 12, 2009

This just in

Undies For Fundies
Karnataka, India

This just in: Fundies Buckle Under Onslaught Of Undies
Whoo hoooo! Free, nonviolent expression works.


Fly Girl said...

I've been hearing about this all over the web. I'm glad that it worked too. It's an inventive way to demand the right to self expression.

Raghubeer said...

It is regrettable what SRS has done. But what is the "consortium of loose pug going whores" acting like it represents Indian women. These women don't even constitute 5 percent of total population of India but because they are privelaged enough to have regular internet access and because of "sickular" media: they have gotten undue publicity.

Their spokesperson Nisha SUSAN is a X-tian, who wrote that the comic book company "Amar Chitra Katha" are anti-Muslim or whatever.

I bet these women don't have the guts to tell their mothers to give their chaddis.

And they don't have "balls" to give those chaddis to the Mullahs, sheiks of Pakistan/Middle east.

Screw this campaign. I am a youth from Bharath also and I say this sucks!

Sirensongs said...

@Raghubeer: You're entitled to your opinion, they are to theirs. That's the beauty of free expression. SRS is violently trying to stifle free expression. the PCC found a way to nonviolently, in the best Indian tradition of nonviolence, make a statement against such actions.

So the women are "whores" because they want to go have a drink at a pub?

Why should they give chaddis to the Middle East sheikhs?; the sheikhs are not the ones threatning the safety of these women. The self-styled guardians of "Indian culture" are.

Of course they only represent a small percentage. That is the point. Where women's freedom of movement and expression is threatened, only an elite will be able to counteract it as they did. What you have done is called "begging the question."

So one woman from the campaign made some questionable statements. That does not invalidate the whole campaign.

And, moreover, it appears to have largely worked - at least they got a back-down from the RSene.

Pink Panty Power.

Raghubeer said...

These women are the snooty princesses of high class society.

They don't give a rat's ass about women's rights. If they do then why don't they listen to their rural sisters, who repeatedly have begged successive governments to shut liquor shops in the countryside. They are beaten black and blue by their husbands but does anyone care?

No these people who are more at home, say in London than India, just want to promote their lifestyle and ridicule those that disagree with them. Do you think the politicians are stupid? All of them have come out against pub culture because that will get them votes: the vast majority of Indians (not just "oldies") are against the hedonistic lifestyle that apes the west

--and yes the tag "whores" applies to them as they are more likely than not engaged in promiscuous behavior with several men.

Raghubeer said...

and the Rame Sene just backed down from demonstrations in Bangalore.

The main thing that crippled them when the SRS leadership was taken to preventive custody on Vday, should be VD-day.

Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

@Raghubeer above: now now, let's get our terminology straight.

"sluts" are women who engage in promiscuous activity with more than one man.

"WHORES" are women who do so for MONEY. ;-)

And what of the men who do the same? Are they being attacked for aiding in the corruption of Indian society? Are they being called whores? One would think the women achieved whore-dom all by themselves without partners, which is hardly possible. it takes two to tango. (or Dandiya Raas)