Thursday, February 05, 2009

Our house... is a very very very fine house

House of the rising fun

New house blues. They put the carpet in where it shouldn't be. They made the bathroom floor all wrong for drainage. There's no bolt lock on the door, yet.
I had to insist on one being installed (easier than replacing all my belongings, yes??) Then there are the usual Nepali problems everyone is having, like electricity only 10 hours a day if you are lucky, and connectivity issues.
There's not a stick of furniture in it, yet. I have to buy stove, fridge, gas cylinder for the stove, bed, mattress, chairs and all. For some reason they were kind enough to install a huge heavy wooden armoire in one corner, taking up precious dance space. Armoire, but no bed or chairs. Aunties are very big on armoires.

And so on. No date for a new-house puja yet, nor a housewarming party. Here are a few photos.This is the living space, complete with coffin-like intrusive armoire that i did not ask for. But essential things like a floor? That you have to beg for.

This will be the sleep-chamber. I could have a double bed but then there will not be room to have a nightstand AND open the door.

Kitchen area, brand new kitchen with tiles and marble. Loving it.


John said...

Did you get some long term resident visa?

c said...

pretty house!

i can't wait to see what you do with it!

Linda-Sama said...

very nice! can't wait to see what you do with it!

Sirensongs said...

For C and Linda:
Mostly the one open wall will be mirrors....for dance and yoga. mirrors mirrors mirrors.

The big windows are nice in winter and spring, but will mean summer is really hot. Curtains are a real necessity.

Lakeside Techies said...

Nice to catch up with you after such a long time. Thanks to twitter.

Got a pretty nice place to stay in ;)


Kim said...

The views are amazing. What a lovely place!