Friday, December 14, 2007

It's not just me

Anon trolls menace Blogosphere; Film at 11

Not that I am glad others are having a hard time, but it is affirming to find that other bloggers are also combating the Anon Troll Menace.

Witness today's posts featured on the Indian blog-aggregator Desi Pundit.

As I laboriously explained in more than one personal email this week: The cyberworld is no more a free for all than the "real" world. Every emerging electronic technology has its etiquette. (Call waiting, voice mail, Blind CC on emails, etc. )

Leaving Anonymous negativity on someone's site is like lobbing a bomb at their front porch, then running away and hiding. Or, like a childish prank phone call. If your point of view is worth typing out, it's worth defending and that means signing in. Web 2.0 was meant to facilitate mutual conversations, not cyber vandalism.