Thursday, May 15, 2008

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I am very often asked, "When will the Dalai Lama be appearing publicly in India?"

This is question I always welcome; my eyes light
up like a little kid on Christmas morning.

I should really write the Complete Guide to Seeing HH in India - how to get a seat, what to bring and not to bring, how to register, where to stay and so on. It does require some planning, but unlike in the west, his public teachings in India are always free. (That's right. Five or 10 days with the Dalai Lama - for free.)

You can always get His Holiness' latest schedule updates at the Official Website.

And it pays to check every few weeks - there are always changes. He's in Germany now, but I am happy to report that HH will be back in Dharamsala later this summer.

It's very, very hard to believe that it will have been nearly ONE YEAR since I've actually seen him....but that's the way the river flows sometimes.

Teaching in Dharamsala (H.P.), India from August 4 to 6:
His Holiness will give teachings on Atisha's Lamp for the Path To Enlightenment (jangchup lam kyi drolma) at the request of a Korean group.

Teaching in Dharamsala (H.P.), India from September 25 to 27: His Holiness will give teachings on Je Tsongkhapa's The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (lamrim chenmo) at the request of the The Tibetan Buddhist Center (Singapore). Contact: The Tibetan Buddhist Center (Singapore), 02-28 No. 1 New World Center, Singapore 209037 Singapore Tel: +65 6491 1027 Website:

Teaching in Dharamsala (H.P.), India from October 1 to 5: His Holiness will give teachings for Chinese Buddhists.


Thomas Kappler said...

They have such a guide up on his website: A little short perhaps, but if you travel to India, you should be able to find some things out yourself.

I was fortunate enough to attend last year's spring teaching. A unique experience.


Sirensongs said...

They have a very brief outline, but not a complete guide. When one travels to India one's time is limited and it's good to be prepared. Thus my suggestion of writing a COMPLETE guide.

I was at last year's teachings too...freezing cold rain!

John said...

So, what's your motivation for following the Dalai Lama around and going to his teachings?
I would guess that they are mostly very general and beginner level, and when you heard a few you heard them all, basically.
So I guess it must be something else than the speaches contents.

Sirensongs said...

@John: I take it you've never seen HH.

John said...

Actually I did. I went to a group audience at McLeodganj, shaked his hand, recieved the little red string (I still have it somewhere).
He gave me the impression of being a positive fellow...