Thursday, May 22, 2008


Vote, dammit

Well, only one person voted on the ICONS category of photos (thanks Brother Martin). I guess my photoblogs are getting boring.

This is what it looks like when you 're actually getting important things done and deadlines met....boring. I dislike doing it for the same reason I always hated going to bed on time - there's always something more interesting to I just kind of go till I fall over, like a little kid.

After I finally fall over, I'm too tired or sick to do anything exciting. It's only then that administrative things finally get taken care of.

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Mustard flowers in bloom outside Panauti, Kathmandu Valley 2005

The next category is Landscapes. Admittedly mine is not a landscape camera. But I think I did all right with these 'uns. ....

Along the Indus River, Choglamsar Ladakh. 2007

In Nubra valley near the Hunder sand dunes, Ladakh. 2007

Okay, just one more Ladakh photo....maybe someday if I get sick enough (!) I will have to move to Nubra Valley and write a book.

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Sudarshan Gopalakrishnan said...

I love all your photographs equally, in all the categories. They are all winners, all the way. Go for it - take care to give them lots of love before submitting. If you are destined to win, any of them could win! Good Luck!

The Bananafish said...

I think I'm being typically dense, but how does one vote? My favorites are "In Nubra Valley near the sand dunes" and the photo of the young HHDL in the previous set, but they are good.

Sarasvati said...

I like the one along the Indus River the best. Its symmetry and life ... I would have posted about the icons, but I don't usually like formality much. I guess I would vote for the lotuses.

Sirensongs said...

@Everyone: Thanks for your feedback. I really can't favour any of these photos anymore....they're imprinted on my brain.

@Bananafish: You did the right thing, just Comment to "vote." No formal voting process....