Monday, February 25, 2008


Immigrant Song
Kathmandu, Nepal
Clothed in facts
Truth feels oppressed;
in the garb of poetry
it moves easy and free
-Rabindranath Tagore

Mr Wangchuk at Indian Embassy says "something" will be issued tomorrow. The suspense is killing me!
All this week's posts have 1980s song titles as headlines.
Extra points for figuring out who did "Poetry." (I have no idea what the points mean, or what they could be used for. )

(NO extra points will be issued for figuring out who did "Immigrant Song," which is 1970s anyway.)

Yes, I'm just uploading old photos today. I got tired of complaining...and thought it better to reflect on some of the amazing moments of the past few years.
Above: Newar kids dressed as gods for a day, at the Kumari Ghar, Kathmandu, September 2006.

: This peacock just showed up at the new Murugan Temple in Parayakadavu, Kerala, just before the pran - patishtha "breath giving" ceremony for the god. The Peacock is the special animal associated with the god Murugan - May, 2005

: Waiting for HH the Dalai Lama, Tibetan Children's Village, April 2007, Himachal.

Below: Aurovilleans prepare for the "Golden Day," which comes once every 4 years on February 29, 2004; Tamil Nadu.

: Twilight falls on Pashupatinath as seen from the Mrigasthali (Deer Forest), Kathmandu, 2006


c said...

Well Charles Bukowski wrote beat poetry

Bjork wrote pagan poetry

Kanye west wrote bittersweet poetry

Gary Jules wrote No poetry

(no google was used in the making of this post)

Sirensongs said...

@C: None of that was in the 1980s...;-)
This "Poetry" was a 1980s recording. Very underground, of the song/track was "Poetry."

Sirensongs said...

Nice google-free post though!

c said...

Tx..oh I gave up before i posted that! I didn't go underground until the mid 90's .It's the kind of thing where,you've got to have heard it and, it sticks in your mempry.

c said...

But here's some poetry for you...

"Gie me laughter!

Gie me pain, aye!

Buy me the glue tae get masel the-gether again.

Am lik a druiket duck fae staunin in the rain."

(I googled now,and found it)

Linda (Sama) said...

love the pic of the peacock...