Thursday, February 21, 2008

No fun

No fun to hang around
feelin that same old way
No fun to hang around
Freaked out - -for another day

The level of idiocy going on at the Indian Embassy is so...Stooge-like, I don't even want to start explaining it. After a while Indian bureaucracy ceases to bring a smile to your face, or even to be an interesting story.

And everyone knows (or at least I do - and I'm everyone, aren't I??) that Mercury Retrograde is no good for creating new media...better for reviewing old.

Since the Embassy is full of stooges, I decided the best soundtrack was Iggy & the Stooges.

Sometimes people ask me about the red scar on the side of my nose. I'm not sure I am ready to tell that story on the blog, or anywhere really, but the Stooges album Funhouse got me through that episode of my life (about 1984).

I swear to Godzilla, if it hadn't been for songs like "Down on the Street," I might not be here, at least not psychologically. It was better than all the therapy available in NYC at the time (not that I could have afforded therapy anyway).

In this vintage video, you can see the backdrop of Max's Kansas City, which was (believe it or not, kids - yes, I'm old) the first nightclub I ever, ever went to in New York City. It was still open in 1981. Yes, these feet have trod where the feet of Lou , Andy & Nico trod!

I was underage, but they weren't checking.

Alan Vega (from the avant-punk duo Suicide) and I stayed up till closing time, watching the Dictators and wondering if Johnny Thunders would ever take the stage as scheduled. (He never did. Come to think of it, I always thought Johnny Thunders looked kind of Indian. )

All that, and I still made it to French class at CUNY the next morning.

Here's my therapist Iggy, and a few ambient random (Rambient??) Kat-town photos. Enjoy!


c said...

The indian Embassy can some times be described as the Indian embarassing(it rhymes after a couple of pints, it's funny me anyway...).

Maybe you should watch'll probably like it..

I shall visit the home of Johnny rotten and remember all the time we never spent with one another on count of i was underage then....

Sirensongs said...

Indian Embassy and Idiocy also rhyme...;-)

The hilarious thing to me is that the Indo-Nepali border is constantly being crossed by Naxals, bandits, kidney kingpins and all manner of security risks, and here they are treating a middle-aged Buddhist devotee as a Clear and Present Danger.

c said...

those brass prayer wheels can be pretty lethal.

There's in fact a zen kaon about how padmapada once brained a potbellied bengali policeman with one.

Sarasvati said...

Mercury went direct on the 18th, and now that we've had the full moon/ lunar eclipse, something's gotta give!

Sirensongs said...

@Sarasvati: Thanks; some interpretations say things won't be completely normal till 10 March, which happens to be Tibetan Uprising Day. I hope to be covering the marchers who are walking back to Tibet on that day....

@C: I LOVE the band Television - Tom Verlaine used to live in my building on 23rd Street in Manhattan. Thanks.

Sarasvati said...

That's great. I look forward to seeing your coverage of the march. It did look pretty gutsy. There's always a big march in NYC, too, though I don't think I'll go this year.

By the way, lunar eclipse is usually not felt until 30 days later ... so watch March 20-21. My book goes to printer today - first novel finally out! I'm so happy.

c said...

(in my best california british accent)

By George she's got it.

Songs of , there's a good solution to nepal's power problem. less edison lamps and more...uh...fluroscent ones.