Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Day One

Aap ka naya varsha mangalmayi ho

Well, as karma would have it, I had breakfast with the Upper Middle Pathers this morning. Of course, they are lovely people. Sweet, considerate, and innocent. Two of them are studying pranayam and meditation at a Tibetan centre in NY City. A couple of older ones are variations of new age healers who are completely sincere.

Now I am a bit worried about them. They are all going home in about 5 weeks so they might make it out unscathed. They might even make it home (still) thinking that India is "awesome," as one of the younger ones said to me yesterday.

I think India Tourism got the right expression. Maybe not "awesome, " but "Incredible India" - as in, unbelievable. Works on many levels.

Wrap around
I finally managed to buy a couple of pashmina/wool shawls - for my sisters back home, not for me. I will probably spend most of the day tomorrow getting them "stitched" for shipping, and standing in line at the post office.

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Madhukar said...

Aap Ka Naya Varsha Mangalmayi Ho

Belated wishes to you.

Pashmina for sister :), when are you taking a break from spiritual investigation ?