Thursday, January 17, 2008

Delhi dilly dally

No new news

I was just sure that if I went to the wireless place, I would be able to come up with something for today's blog. So far, it hasn't worked.

I spent today mailing my sisters' pashmina/wool shawls at the Guru Bangla Sahib GPO. Soooo many foreign writers have detailed the experience of the Indian post office, dare I try to join their ranks?

Then I went walking around Chanakyapuri in a vain attempt to find the International Youth Hostel.

It wasn't totally in vain, because after about 2 hours of walking and a rickshaw ride I did finally find it.

I also found Assam House, Orissa Bhavan, Arunachal Bhavan, Ashok Hotel where a wedding was taking place complete with uniformed marching band and white horse for the groom to ride in on; another youth center called Vishwa Yuvak Kendra, the Indonesian embassy and the embassy of the Holy See - in other words, of the Vatican. I didn't even know they had an embassy.

The Youth Hostel would be a great deal if you were doing an internship or working in some embassy in Chanakyapuri. As it is, it doesn't make any sense for me as it's the same expense as a hotel (about 350Rs per single room) and you would have to eat all your meals in their dining area, as there is nothing at all in walking distance.

The hotel says the police inspector / immigration officer/ whoever has still not come calling. At this rate the 2 week extension will be up before I even get papers declaring it was granted.

Here is a link to the news story I should be writing, if in fact I had been able to travel to Gujarat to see HH Dalai Lama.

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