Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Warning: Virulent Virus from Vijayawada
Some public computer I used on 24th or 25th, while in Vijayawada, was infected with a virus and is still sending out weird, huge picture files in my name, to every one of the thousand names in my Yahoo address book. Until that computer, which could be one of 5 or 6 in that city, is disinfected, this will continue for a while. Ignore these and don't open them. Delete them. You know I would never send something with a boring title like "DSC-1184" anyway!

Sorry, I don't know what else to do. Here is a message from someone receiving them in Bombay:

Dear Siren,
The subject line of this mails vary. It could be a digital image file name like DCP11122.jpg or re:Word or Re:Files or god knows what. So far I have received 4 e-mails with different subjects. I don't know when this will end. In all probability, one of those cyber cafe which you used, has this infection and got your mail id, keeps sending from your id since it has the id and password. Until that machine is disinfected, this will continue.

So, you have been warned. Too bad I could not use a computer condom to prevent this infection.

If you receive these files and open them, that's your fault for not reading this Blog like you are supposed to be doing. Nyah nyah nyah.

Gainful Employment
Good news! Dell is going to hire 5,000 more people in India. I might get a job yet. This will bring Dell's Indian workforce up to 15,000 which should make everyone back home very happy. Dell, which is based in Round Rock,Texas, will add a new call center in Gurgaon, a wealthy Haryana suburb near Delhi (India's capitol). They already have call centers in Bangalore (the technology center of India), Hyderabad (where I just passed through) and Mohali in the northern state of Punjab (remember Punjab of Little Orphan Annie? Many men wear turbans there, because it's the centre of the Sikh religion). So when you call Dell for help withyour computer (because you have a worm virus which you received from a computer I once used), you might get someone I have trained to say "uh MERR ih kuh," - or, at least, Daddy Warbucks' assistant.

I see that now that I have stopped for a glass of tea in Vijayawada, all the Google ads for my Blog site are for tea. Many different kinds of teas. Yesterday, one advertisement was for Earl Grey Tea and the other has 8 Numi Tea Flavors. Gone are all the Google advertisements for handcrafted Tibetan products.

Now, I would hate to think what will happen if I stop to use the toilet. Or even mention condoms. Ut oh! I just said it. Will Google notice? Check the ads at the top of this page. This could be interesting.

Why are there no photos?
Because, in my travels I often do not have access to computers that include 1-a working disk drive, 2-a USB port and 3-imaging software that will allow me to resize and upload photos. A laptop would go a long way toward changing this. One can dream.

Bapu Forgotten
Yesterday, January 30, was the anniversary of Gandhi's assassination. Usually this is observed as Martyr's Day and there is a mandatory two minutes of silence while a siren (hmmmm....) sounds.

Guntur did not observe this yesterday.

Bapu, ubi sunt? (Where have they gone?)


Ardra said...

Welcome to DSS!
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Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

Thanks ardra! If I can ever get all my figurative ducks in a row I will post to DSS.

A Satyr in TN said...

What's DSS?