Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A moment of silence

It's official: I am burned out. Just getting all this information and all these photos was so much stress, I am now too tired to do anything with them. The suspense will just have to kill you for a few more days.

Thanks for understanding. After a few weeks of being a dedicated bodhisattva, it is time for a mental margarita.


Aadil Desai said...

Right on!!! You certainly deserve some time off from these busy schedules that must have taken it's toll on you. Take time to enjoy and chill out now!!! Will still await your pics and stories soon!!!


Indigo Bubbles said...

Sirensongs - saw your site link on sawnet and had to check it out. It's awesome and I'm absolutely amazed at how you find time (and internet connection!) in your travels. The photographs are beautiful!