Friday, January 06, 2006

Broadband in the sand

The internet and long-distance phone tent here ("CyberZone")is quite a sight. The tangle of cords, plastic chairs, sandy soil and monk's long robes ensures that you're tripping over something every time you move an inch. The net speed itself is amazingly fast; alternating with long periods of completely lost connection (so I guess it evens out). There's nothing like a simultaneously lost connection reinforce international and intercultural solidarity. Everyone rolls their eyes and throws up their hands in the same language. But it's a good way to spend the otherwise unbearable hours from 11am to 4pm.

Korea's Oh My News!
has agreed to help me get a press pass, and India's esteemed Financial Express has agreed to run a story if I can scrape one together. I'm so excited I could just pee!

Today is the first Earth Ritual Dance by the monks of Namgyal Monastery. Stay tuned for more news as it happens.

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keeping my fingers crossed