Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Goin' south

Hi everyone, I am concentrating on getting well and getting outta here, heading south to Amaravati, Andhra Pradesh where the Kalachakra preps are in full swing. So right now I will leave you with some relevant news and photos links and catch up here later. I need to do something besides type today (sigh). Wait, there is some crazy drunk-sounding Tibetan guy yelling in the doorway so I don't want to leave as long as he is there. Fortunately I am way in the back of the net shop.

Okay, here are the links. By the time this is finished the crazy guy should be gone.

:Photo gallery of Kalachakra festival preparations,
from Andhra Cafe

:Reported attempt on His Holiness'life "nothing new"; from Phayul

:Dalai Lama set to take Kalachakra for world peace to new heights, from Business Standard


Shinu Mathew said...

Happy journey. Are you taking a train? Then read my blog before you do. The Shubh Yatra (Bon Voyage) blog.
Wishing you a good time down south.

Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

don't worry shinu, the train guys are afraid of me - not vice versa!
(he he )

byron said...

Here's good vibes for your sore throat, *chanting a get well mantra for you right now* .
That must be an incredible train ride you are embarking upon? Wow, is it like 23476533days long? I will probably be in Hyderbad around the time of this Kalachakra teaching. And around the same time there is the Jain festival @ Sravanabelgola the once every cycle blessing. The energy in South should be very intense and I'm looking foward to it.