Friday, December 02, 2005

Letter from a former employer

A wonderful art professor I worked for in Nashville wrote me this letter nearly 2 years ago. I read it every once in a while when I get discouraged.

February 2004
Nashville, TN USA

I was going to write you this a few days before New Year's but got felled by the flu. Seems like everyone is passing the flu around but I was too busy with school to pick it up until after the holidays. Damn Procrastination!

Anyway I was thinking about you and all the fantastic/incredible pix for which you've sent links this past year---I've shamelessly downloaded all kinds of weird shrines, colored market stalls and outlandish costumes. It gives my computer some more international literacy, diluting boring WORD documents and the underlying operating system. But even more so I have marveled to numerous friends about your bravery, sense of adventure and (probable) amazing stubbornness to stick out there on the edge with little money and lots of ambition and a good deal of chutzpah. There isn't one of them who isn't amazed at the intensity of the life you've been leading. Nor isn't totally amused by your deadpan take on Hindu culture as seen through American eyes. I for one can't wait to read the book!!! PLEASE consider writing one whenever you return to Middle Earth.

So I wanted to send you my congratulations, energy from a couple chakras, and heartfelt well wishes for the upcoming year.

And to THANK you for the pix, totally wicked amusing thoughts and the role model to pitch students when they think all they will ever do in life is graduate, get married and work at a lot of routine, demanding jobs 'til they retire.

May Ganesha shove aside all the dumb things that would block your way.

Peace to you,

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Dr. ruff at volstate?