Monday, March 30, 2009

Party line

Indian media-watchers will have a familiar response to this headline:

12:07, March 29, 2009

When I saw this, I immediately said, "It HAS to be The Hindu."

And, so it was.

The democratic reform in China's Tibet Autonomous Region abolished the theocratic system, did away with feudal serfdom and slavery, emancipated about a million serfs, and laid the basis for the modern development of the region as a part of the Chinese socialist system, an Indian newspaper said Saturday.

The reform in 1959 brought forward China's project of freeing a million serfs, said a leading editorial published by The Hindu, one of India's major English newspapers, which echoed the celebration of Tibet's first Serfs Emancipation Day, an official annual holiday, and denounced the Dalai Lama's past persecution of the Tibetan people.

The Hindu, otherwise a well-regarded and venerable established paper, has an extremely pro-China and pro-Communist editor. I heard he gets free trips to China courtesy their government to keep printing anti-Dalai Lama crap like this. 

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Bibek Paudel. said...

What's wrong with "one" newspaper taking China's side when all that I see on newsstands are irrelevantly licking Uncle Sam's ass?

I am no supporter of state-high-handedness or communist politics, but I don't subscribe to all the shit that your "mainstream media" wants me to buy:


Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

First of all, who is the "you" in "your"? I am not a mainstream media partipant, consumer or owner.

Second, though I wish they would not media outlets may take sides with whomever they like, obviously.

Any given side will have its flaws. The question is, would you prefer to live in the world as envisioned by the Communist Chinese or by "Uncle Sam"? I thought so.

Beholder said...

Hi Siren(real name unknown)...I did find this post really late. but atleast better late than some would say..though not really a fan of 'the hindu'..I do find some form of leaning in every newspaper...then again journalism should not be about the journalist's opinion but rather reporting the facts..and keeping opinions to other columns..thanks for sharing ur perspective..wud be following u on twitter soon..ciao