Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tag! You're It

New toys
New Delhi

Thanks to the new Blogger upgrade, we now have tags for each and every entry (starting now, and for the oldies as soon as I add them retroactively).

For those of you who aren't quite as geeky as I:
Tags are categories that appear at the bottom of each post, representing topics in that post. They help you find other related posts. For instance, if you want to see all the posts that mention "Tibet" you can click on that tag.

As I have been blogging for more than a year with no tags, I have a lot of "updations" to do retroactively. (Retro-tagging?)

Quiz Show

Other new gadgets you can find down on the sidebar include the Asian Skies weather unit, a Kathmandu time-clock, and Tibet news headlines from

And don't forget to take the fun new quizzes:
"Which Tarot Card Are You?,"

"Which Edward Gorey Book Are You?"

and best of all:
"How Will You Die?"

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