Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rain Song

Mucking about
Patna, Bihar

It's raining here, as well as in most of the Northern region - Delhi, Varanasi and so on. Doesn't sound so strange, unless you realize that in this part of the world, at this time of year, it's virtually unheard of. It means puddles of muck to tiptoe around (there are no sidewalks to speak of), mouldy laundry and lots of grown men with mufflers tied round their heads under their chins, which makes them look sort of like a cross-dressing Babushka, or as if they've got them mumps.

Normally, Indian weather comes in extreme waves. The rainy season here is generally June-September. After November, there's not a drop (and I mean, not one) till the following monsoon. Also, crummy photography - they light just isn't there and the mist is bad for the digital camera.

So why have skies been grey and cloudy for the past week? It's a mystery. Meanwhile, Himachal in the mountains has received no snow, worrying the tourist industry, and in the UK they are freaked out by unprecedented snowfall. It's so (relatively) cold in Cambodia that people who've never owned a sweater are out shopping for them.

Here's a thought from Tricycle.com about the spirit of the rain.

The Supreme Water Spirit

The supreme water spirit Ocean covers the earth with clouds; the rain in each place is different, but the spirit has no thought of distinction.

Likewise, Buddha, sovereign of truth, extends clouds of great compassion in all directions, raining differently for each practitioner, yet without discriminating among them.


M.H.Benders said...


Have been reading your blog most of the night, you write quite well I must say. I'm a dutch writer and I live in Istanbul. I just came back from India myself and could relate to your stories. I am writing some stories about India myself I'll maybe post on my website, www.martijnbenders.nl

Thanks for the good stories!


Sudarshan said...

Hi Siren

regarding the abnormal weather you may want to read www.journalofastrology.com - please read the lead article and the following one.

I am a regular siren-reader and admire your postings and photographs. I am from Coimbatore in Tamilnadu, but live in Detroit MI now. when in India, I have lived and worked in many cities and travelled widely (though not so much as you have). Reading your blogs is like my way of connecting back to whats happening back home :) Keep up the good work.