Friday, July 28, 2006

The Little Buddha

Kathmandu, Nepal

Wednesday was the beginning of nearly a week's ceremonies marking the enthronement of a newly incarnated Rinpoche, or Tibetan lama. Tharik Rinpoche is only six years old and so small, he has to be lifted up to bless the ritual mandalas in the prayer hall. I have to be up very early for the start of the enthronement ceremonies in Boudhanath tomorrow morning. Here are a few photos from Wednesday's arrival, by Rene Edde.

It takes uncountable lifetimes to become a tulku, or incarnate lama. Tharik Rinpoche (who was born in Himachal Pradesh, India) has been a Buddhist lama in his seven previous lifetimes, including, my printed invitation tells me, one lifetime as a female lama. His previous incarnation "left his body" in 1998 and the Sakya lineage community is thrilled to have "found" him again.

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Bernie Quigley said...

Beautiful - Good to know the life force is still Awakened in Kathmandu. I follow your adventures like Tin-tin's. On a slow day you might look at the new web site of a Canadian woman who I have been talking to about her dreams for several years. I have encouraged her to blog them as she is a gifted and clairvoyant dreamer. I told her her dreams mark the new millenium - ascending Aquarius (maybe this young 'un is the Aquarian, no?). Miss3's "Dreams, Visions, Contemplations) is linked off my "Quigley in Exile" site (I'd link it here but don't know how). I must say that when I log on to your place I see a world Awakening; when I look to the other side of the world I see one dying.