Sunday, July 23, 2006

Greatest hits, near misses

Big hits and fazed cookies
Kathmandu, Nepal

Dear Sports Fans and Loyal Readers:

Greetings from the monsoon-cloud-shrouded insurgency-wracked landlocked middle kingdom -slash-modern democracy Nepal!

Please assist me if you will. I'm trying to hone down some of the voluminous typing (not sure it always deserves the term "writing") of the past few years to make a "Greatest Hits" sidebar, and possibly edit a future compilation.

If you have a minute to reflect (or just a few hours to kill while your supervisor is out of the office), please let me know which (if any!) of the blog entries or Trekshare pieces and photos you have enjoyed the most, or found the most useful. Also mentioning things you found annoying, or just mediocre, is helpful.

You need not page through and wade among all the stuff...but if you remember something cool just drop me a Comment or email.
Thanks for giving feedback over the years (gosh, has it been years now? It has!). Thanks for taking the time to write, and help me weed through the unruly garden.

the Siren of Shangri-La


Shinu Mathew said...

Siren Great effort..
As soon as I get some time off, I'll jot down my fav from your archives..
I still remember some of those..

Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

Kingshuk in Bangalore writes:

I will give a detailed dekho (look) later but my first impression is whatever u write is very interesting ( & kinda unputdownable). It appeals to me (even though I am a reasonably well travelled geography-loving Indian ) bcoz you always seem to tell new things about a place, & give a human touch with masala - which is so interesting to read. And I dont find any biases or why are they so stupid kind of mentality that comes in quite a few foreign travel writers. That appeals to me more.