Sunday, May 28, 2006

Smelly Delhi

Smelhi Delhi?

Just arrived in Delhi 3 hours ago on the sleeper bus from Rishikesh, and am typing on a honky-tonk crappy keyboard in Paharganj ("Pahar-Grunge"), the backpacker ghetto. It is really grungy. Kind of place a guy sits on top of his cycle rickshaw, horks his throat, spits right at your feet and says "rickshaw meddem?"

Lots of garbage with lots and lots of cow nosing through it, etc. (How come Delhi has soooo many cows, more than smaller towns like Pune?)

Just passing through Smelhi Delhi to get my contact lenses, new camera lithium battery and then the bus to the Nepali border. Maybe a few photo-ops of striking medical students.

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Aadil said...

Well, why don't you stay in a better part of Delhi for a better experience?!!! "Pahar Grunge" is an area I have visited too but then that was a good 15 years ago, I think!!! So I guess it should be worse than what it was at that time!!! Good to see you back with a bang!!!