Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Gods Must Be Crazy

Okay, he is the ruler (sort of) of the world's only Hindu kingdom. I guess he's entitled. This is the same man who declared a national holiday last year for a solar eclipse (which wasn't even visible from Nepal). Don't get me wrong, I am all for freedom of religion.

See, I told you 2 weeks ago how much he has in common with GWB ("God told me to invade Iraq").

From IndoAsian News Service (who, last time I checked, were not working for the Maoists):

Kathmandu, May 4 (IANS) Forced by the people to give up absolute power, Nepal's King Gyanendra is now seeking divine aid to destroy his enemies, a report said.

The 58-year-old king, known for his obsession with making sacrifices to propitiate the gods and consulting astrologers before undertaking any new venture, will offer panchabali - five sacrifices - to Kali, the Hindu goddess of power, in Kathmandu Friday, the Jana Aastha weekly reported.

Read the full story here.
Special thanks to Wild Willy B, Gemologist At Large.


Aadil said...

I read today that the government will bring in new legislation to reduce the powers of the monarch in Nepal. Way to go for the democratic process in Nepal. How soon is it going to become a Republic now?!!!


Aadil said...
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Shinu Mathew said...

Once the King came to India and offered a sacrifice. I wonder why the PETA (people for Ethical treatment) and animal lovers are not saying a word. If I kick a stray dog, they put me behind bars, or so they threaten :(
Power has it's perks!!

Aadil said...

And now it is confirmed that the new government has taken some really good steps to limit the King's powers in the not so royal kingdom anymore!!! May the democratic movement remain forever in this otherwise peaceful country.


Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

Thanks to everyone for writing in my absence. Giardia also has its perks, I guess. ;-(

Hmm, a PETA worker in Nepal would really, really have their work cutout (cut up?) for them. Sort of like being a feminist activist in Saudi or Iran -banging your head against an intractable cultural wall, and possibly even dangerous.

I always thought it would mean a lot more to sacrifice something that actually had meaning for you. A bunch of buffalo, goats and chickens could not possibly mean anything to a king. He should be sacrificing his BMW Limo or something. (Or maybe his son Para, who definitely would be the worst nightmare ever to hit the Nepali monarchy).

Shinu Mathew said...

What's Up? No new post, very few posts in the last coupla months. Are you caught up in something?