Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lost & Found

Buddha Boy Returns...or does he?

I can't keep track of this kid. First he appears, sits in one place for 10 months, disappears, reappears and now, according to one account, disappears yet again. Here is a link from Nepal. I have to go, I am closing out the Net place once again.

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Vijay Prasad said...

Hi dear friend Miss Caroline,
How are you?
I think your busy in these days.
how is ur job going on and what about your health?
Caroline., Sorry for late answering.
Hye a good news for you.
Specially thanks to you.
Bcz you are the tutor to me for create a blog. thanks for that.
I create one more blog for one pharma sutical traninig centre.
Totally directed by me.
that site name is..
please check this site and say how it is please.
photos also taken by me.
friend what about ur boy friend.
is there any changes did u get from him?
take care friend
Vijay Prasad. S