Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Notes from the front

Here's a note from another long-time expat resident of Kathmandu, about the now 14-day long strike, called by the Seven Party Alliance (pro-democracy politicians) in cooperation with the Maoists. The Royal Army has been ordered to accompany food-bearing trucks from the outskirts into Kathmandu (Maoists had been blockading roads preventing their passage to the capital):

The bandh won't last long. There's too much public anger against it and the food price hikes / petrol shortage it causes.

"Word" is that Monday will be a huge mess and then the parties will declare it all a success and end the strike. Maybe Tuesday. Ha!

With no strike or daytime curfew, it's the same Paradise on Earth you know and love. - "James"

And this item from Kathmandu Post. I wonder if I qualify as a "litterateur"?
Too bad they aren't in NYC, where some of the "artists" could really use a beating:

KATHMANDU, April 16 - Additional Inspector General of Police Krishna Basnet andArmed Police Force Deputy Inspector General Dilip Shrestha have been found ordering police officers leading security personnel in controlling demonstrations to beat demonstrators so severely that they cannot come back to the>demonstration.

According to police sources, Basnet and Shrestha have been found issuing the orders through radio sets from the Valley Police Office at Ranipokhari (note: Ranipokhari is a central point in town where most local buses stop).

A DSP said, "Once we inform about the situation, they give us the orderthrough the sets. We are then compelled to implement the order."

Police have been found beating up demonstrators severely in recent days. In recent days, police have been seen beating journalists, lawyers, artists and litterateurs.


Aadil said...

Hi Caroline,

Just hope peace returns to this place and the situation improves soon, for such events cannot or at least should not go on for too long.


Shinu Mathew said...

Nepal slipping into anarchy, no doubt. But the aftermath of this anti-king protest is what worrying India. If king relents and maoists take control, it would be a huge blow to Indian interests.

Vijay Prasad said...

Hi Caroline,
How are you?
where r u now? in Madras or ??
how is ur health? and how is ur reporting going on?
Take care..