Tuesday, February 21, 2006

In the stars

My horoscope for this week

My mouse hand is on strike - suffering from severe overwork. So I'm copping out today and posting someone else's work. (I am a Western astrological Scorpio, but a Vedic astrological Libran - so I get the worst of both worlds.)

Libra Horoscope for week of February 23, 2006
Rob Brezsny's Free Will Astrology

If you have been experiencing some form of injustice, it's an excellent time to stage a protest, strike, or boycott. The astrological omens don't necessarily guarantee you'll get all your demands met, but they do make it likely you'll be able to harness your anger with maximum lucidity. For best results, don't just fight for your own rights, but for the rights of others as well. You should also make sure that in fighting the disrespect you've suffered that you yourself don't disrespect anyone.


King Amdo said...

Sabartage the abuse system! -don't worry the possiblity of the motorway intersetion collapsing on top of motorsist would just add to the riskay motoring vibe. I really don't know why mopre people don't blow up motorway brdiges and stuff...I mean instead of railways, public squares and so on. Roads are the veins of the 'system'! I should think it would be possible to collapse the UK ecomony, for example, by blowing up the London orbital motorway (M25). I should think that this would be a goddess protected and directed action...and so in line with tribal traditionalists vision. How would this help homeless and begging street people in India?...If the world economy collapses then people will go back to traditional culture...which would take awhile to reincarnate, but eventually the western influence will be a distant and receeding memory. (no beggers before the bbritish showed up remember).

Seeing as this reality is finnished anyway, why bother?...because these scum piss me off. (bascially)...I wanna give them problems!


King Amdo said...

Beggers as in blaggers and fucked up and homeless not religious beggers.

King Amdo said...

...really I think the best way we can help these people is to trash the system here in the west then we wont need to vampire them...a toch simplistic these days as India is so 'developed'...but basically true I think.


King Amdo said...

hey look Siren..I just trod on a ant...thats how human beings are to the creator, no more no less...don't get too concerned about terminating ones life. Life is an illusion anyway from the occult viewpoint.


King Amdo said...

Make sure you get enough to eat now wont you girl....you'll be no help to anyone otherwise.

King Amdo said...

urgh - just rememebred why the Taliban are like "YOU WILL BELIVE IN ANGELS WESTERN ****" LOL ....unlike the avregae Indian, including the type of people that would terminally staright unbelievrs in magic in the west...would play a sharting game if it happened in front of them..i.e. if someone offers U something for free, its called sharing, and you don't try and start a competition, a fight to try and 'win' against the person sharin g freely with you. My Dad does...because he's a programmed blightyowrld mason skitz...as I said "YOU WILL BELIVE IN ANGELS" ****smak****...The Talaban really are like this by the way, I mean not just a bunch of bombers...they are really deep into magic/religion ... thats their 'dreamquest'...ok its squewed and facsitic...but its a religious trip certainly...but of course (tired sigh)...thats maybe part of the mace's game...(why can't I get my Dad out of this unconsciousess zombie game?...long story)...i.e. prod one in violknce and what U are trying to achive is destroyed..well anyway when I returned from In dia I thought it possible to change reality by doing auspicious ritual and so on...by my Mother could change (magical change, so working on thw unconious level...changing the programming U could say)...my Dad, god no way...total programmed distruptio...making it impossible to do anything really...not posisble to 'close the circle' of the space here so making a protective space in which to work, rather than drawinmg in the neighbours etc etc etc no...instead doing absolutely everthing possible to try and cancel out himself experiencing a real time reality change by projecting a pyscriatric illness on me... Extremely annoying! Really the tendacy of the 'system..as in its (dodge) ritual basis, is to drive the auspicious saint/channel into a very very frightening trip that they they call a genetically malformation...a dangerous 'child aware' disease even ...'skitzaphrenia'...the great western demeon. And some of the evil scum (not daddy) know this. Which again, is one the the reasons why I went on pixy Jihad...Pixying is by the way what we here in blightyworld call sabatarge of machines on construction sites etc.

Anyway Siren/Caoline, I'm thinking too much here and taking over your blog so I'll stop and try and think of somthing constructive to do.

Allah Akbar

King Amdo said...

To clarify:

In the east: respected saint

In the west: dangerous 'child aware' pyscriatric.



Libran Lover said...

Wow! What's with all these comments spam above?

If you are a Western Scorpio, shouldn't you post the Scorpio part of a Western astrology column? :-)