Monday, October 24, 2005

Patan: Faces and places on an autumn afternoon

Patan Durbar (Royal Palace) Square is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, representing the pinnacle of Newari art and architecture.

Considering how long their political situation has been unstable (forever - no kidding!), the Nepalis have a lot to be serious about. Their light-hearted nature is a constant pleasant surprise
This mom selling veggies got a bit shy when I wanted to snap her....

However, this young fishmonger (right) was a natural poser.

Processing the grain includes sifting it with a pannier and walking on it barefoot (above)

I like the inter-generational hanging out that's typical of Asia. These lovely fellows (right) had to be coaxed into the photo. They thought I only wanted to snap the carved wooden post. 

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