Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Exotic Himalayan Adventures, Mysticism, Tibetan Shamanic Spirituality and Film Festivals! - psyche


One week-plus into my blog and repeated attempts at audience participation - that is, ENABLE COMMENTS - still haven't worked. Nor has showing my Profile, or any number of other features. It can't be that hard to do; all the other computer non-lits have blogs (hell, if the Christian housewives can do it...no wait, their husbands or sons probably did it for them.) - and things I post have a disconcerting way of appearing, then disappearing, sometimes reappearing. And Mercury's not even retrograde till November.

Also, unless I write about exotic Indian travel constantly, the Adsense runs boring stuff about How to Make Your Blog, etc. So here are a few words for our sponsors: Indian clothing, Indian costumes, Asian exotic apparel, exotic travel in India, Himalayan Adventures, Esoteric Mysticism and Independent Cinema!

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