Sunday, August 31, 2008

Still haven't found what I'm looking for

Looking for porn in all the wrong places

Sometime last year, DesiPundit ran a summary of a blogger's Greatest Attempted Hits. Most bloggers track USPs and referrals via something like Sitemeter; this guy (sorry, I can't remember his name) had listed the Top 20 Search Requests that had resulted in his page.

In other words, What People Were Really Looking For when they landed on his blog.

This week, I had some really interesting ones. I have taken out the weird machine-code between the keywords.

It's always gratifying when people look for "sirensongs" or "feringhee" or one of my other signature keywords. Heck, believe it or not, more than a few people even Google "Indologist at large."

I'm also pleased to see a number of people looking for Indian and related travel advice:

"dakshineswar temple"

"sudder street"calcutta backpacker accomodation

"dried foods ladakh"

"types of amoebas"

"bhutan altitude sickness death"

"licchavi democracy"

"meaning of teertha"

Or even names of my specific blogs or photos:

"organic orphanage"

"flower girl"

As usual, there are a few people looking for

"hot indian girls"

--who isn't? ;-)

Since I went to visit Ram Bomjom the "Buddha boy" a couple years ago, there are always requests for

bomjom location

"buddha boy" nepal

"mystic buddha boy meta"

Some appear very random indeed, and a bit confused:

"Geezer 2Bindia"

"Gandhi Seven Habits"

"pharma sutical"

But then there are more unusual requests, for

"caitlin derivation"

"what goddess of sri lanka believe in"

"love yourself in tibet alphabet"

and this week's favourite:

"uncut nepali men"


Rada said...


My blog is called "Stepping Sideways..." and recently some poor bloke trying to find a solution through google for "beard growing sideways" landed up on my blog! :-)

Linda Sama said...

hey, just google "naked yoga" and you can find my blog....or "chakra panties"....or "hot yoga babes"...or "naked tamil actress".....

what really grossed me out was some freak searching for a pic of a "woman in sari peeing"....


Madhukar said...

Did you wrote about your visit to Ram Bomjom?

..just wanted to know what you think about him.