Thursday, April 10, 2008


Yes, the Nepal constituent assembly elections were held today.
No, so far there are no signs of "trouble" within the city.

Yes, it's been a week since I blogged anything.
Yes, I am having "problems" (mostly health related....horrible migraines and backaches).

Yes, five different bombs went off in the city of Kathmandu this week. I was a block away from one of them on Wednesday (in New Baneshwor. I went to renew my mobile account).

No, no one has been hurt yet in these bombings. They appear to be "scare tactic" mini-bombings - in Asia, if you really want to hurt someone it's not hard, it's a very crowded place. Wednesday's bomb was thrown from a moving motorcycle.

Yes, I am feeling really terse and headachey, so will sign off now.

No, I don't expect any trouble related to the election least not for a few days. The trouble will start after a few days when the votes are counted. Anyone who comes out behind is going to "contest."


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c said...

(in my best thumper voice) come (italics) home (/italics) bambi.It's a wild world ...