Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Release Forms of the Dragon

The saga continues
Leh, Ladakh

I heard back (do only Southerners say that?) from the people at China Stylus. They want to use three of the six submitted photos in Treasures of the Dragon. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to print out the photographer's release form (done - only took an hour), and either scan it (huh? ) or fax it to them from Ladakh. I haven't seen a scanner since I arrived; there might be a fax machine somewhere in town. It probably operates on a hand crank.

Weather Overground
The weather is slowly but surely shifting winter-ward. Going outside now requires a fleece jacket, and I can no longer sleep with the windows open. This morning revealed a very respectable coating of snow even on the lower elevations of what I think is the Zanskar range.

The Leh-Manali road (ie, lifeline to The Subcontinent Proper) is normally managed by the Indian Army, but it officially closes on September 15. This is not as drastic as it sounds. Cars and vehicles still run on the road. What it means is that after Sept. 15, the Indian Army is no longer available to dig you out if you are snowed in on Baralacha-La (a mountain pass).

I will still be in Nubra on the 15th, so I will have to arrange for a share jeep down to Manali in a few weeks. I call shotgun.

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