Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hello Croatia!

Viewer Mail
Leh, Ladakh

In response to my last Friday's post, a reader named John writes, "Forum.hr is actually a Croatian website."

Sorry! Who would have thought HR would stand for Croatia? Anyway, thanks John, I stand Croatially corrected. This link must all be the doing of my friend Anna who lives in Croatia.

Raising raison d'etre
Robert in California writes, "There is a lot of information missing from your blog. It is not clear what you are doing or why you are there."

What could anyone possibly want to know that is not already covered in the Profile or posts? As I said, "India is where you go to lose yourself." That says it all.

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Linda (Sama) said...

yah, I wondered about the Croatians reading my blog! small world, eh?