Friday, June 22, 2007


And backloggin
Kathmandu, Nepal

Sharing old photos you haven't seen yet was so much fun, I think I'll continue today. Here are just a few. You can see about 200 more on my page.

There is a guy at the next terminal, and his girlfriend is standing behind him massaging his bald head. Of course, they are European. I guess I really am Asian now - it's just too much for me to stomach this kind of PDA.

If it's Monday, this must be Shiva: This young man would dress as various gods on different days of the week, and go begging in the Koregaon Park area of Pune. Monday is a day traditionally associated with Shiva, so he would dress himself as the snake-toting god of destruction and change. December, 2004

To Mahalingam: Waiting on the railway platform for the train from Trivandrum (Kerala) to Kannur. This boy was so lost in thought, he didn't see my camera. May, 2003

Fields of mustard crop in bloom, near Panauti Village. Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, On a clearer day, you can see the snowcapped Himalayas from here. October 2005

This little girl was dressed up for Gai Jatra, an annual festival to honour the previous year's deceased, in Bhaktapur, Nepal. August 2006

Burmese (as they said on Seinfeld, "isn't it Myanmar now??") monks at Bodh Gaya. New Year's Day, 2007


francine said...

In November every year there is an eye camp in Bodh Gaya at which Dwarko Sundrani, one of the last active discplines of Ghandi, and a network of doctors, perform eye surgeries on Indians who are born blind. You can see photos of the eye camp from 2005 at

novfox said...

lol regds the PDA
as for the pics, i remember them all from your flickr; it was nice to run into them again.

Sigma said...

Lovely pictures!