Saturday, March 24, 2007

Waterfall garbage can

Guest column by Ashe & Macie
Dharamsala, Himachal

I spent most of today on a mountainside above the Bhagsu waterfall Ashe & Macie are writing about. As I came down the mountain, my hands were filled with potato chip bags and mint-wrappers.

What they said about garbage, India and Indian habits is so apt, I just thought I would let them guest star today.

If we could choose just one thing that annoys, frustrates, and saddens us most about India it is that the Indians we encounter just cannot stop lying. We listen and catch people lying numerous times every single day. Most lies are small and meant only to get money from us in some way, but the fact that lying seems to be such a normal activity really worries us.

Read the whole travelogue here.


bharath said...

you are so right. I also find that most of the techie friends I have that have gone to U.S or Europe once and back in India find a renewed awareness and approach the issues of cleanliness seriously.

So its possible by 2015 most people in cities would have been in US a small time or have a friend with such habits and it might change things for the better.

Sirensongs said...

Hi Bharath, thanks for commenting. I often think (and thought before I moved to India) that Indians who've lived in America really represent the best of both worlds. I do hope they can reform some of the worst abuses in India while retaining the best.