Sunday, October 29, 2006


Thoughtful fan mail
Kathmandu, Nepal

A very thoughtful and newswatching Tom in Iowa writes:

Hi SirensongsIndia,

If you respond to this that means you were not on the bus that plunged over backwards down a 1000 ft ravine in Nepal.

Crowded bus plunges off Nepal road, killing 42: An overcrowded bus plunged off a mountain road in western Nepal on Saturday, leaving at least 42 people dead and 45 injured, police said. Police were investigating the cause, but an initial probe indicated the driver may have lost control of the vehicle because it was overloaded with passengers. (source: USA Today)

Overloaded or overcrowded? an Asian vehicle? Imagine that. Check this out (these photos are really nothing extreme) and welcome to my world!

--Nope, I wasn't on that or any other bus; I was safe several hundred miles away filling out papers in triplicate in an immigration office, on an otherwise bee yoo ti full fall day. Sorry for the brevity, just wanted everyone to know I am safe, if preoccupied. Thanks for your concern!

The snowcapped Himalayas are now visible even from the mundane valley streets. I yearn to be among them!

photo source: "Lords of the Logistic" from Aistigave, Belgium


chandra said...

Hey Caroline,

I'm so glad that you are okay, if burdened by bureaucracy! The link to the overcrowded images proved terrifying, particularly any involving children or pigs.

I wish that I could join you in the Himalayas...


Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

Hey Dear!
Good to see you on Blogger. Thanks for your comments. I must be a Very Bad Person to not have answered all the good birthday wishes a week later.....

Aadil said...

Good to see you have not yet turned into a supernova!!! I'd hate to see stars blown up on earth, maybe in space it's fine, at least we get to see a supernova but out here you may just turn to dust!!! Keep up the good work and take some rest if you wish but please do go on and on and on forever.


opinionated indian said...

Glad you are okay :)

opinionated indian said...

Just checked out those images from the link you've provided. Astounding, mind boggling....

Shinu Mathew said...

Hi Caroline,
Hope you are doing fine.
A prolonged absence from blogging?
craving for the write-ups from an Indologist!!