Saturday, June 10, 2006

Not a photo opportunity

Drawing a blank
Kathmandu, Nepal

Okay, I have spent the past 2 hours on line trying to upload photos to Blogger and Trekshare. Nothing is uploading. I don't know if it's the limitations of the local wireless system here at my friend's cafe, or...what, but sorry, I just am not able to upload the photos this way. Maybe some other way...that means I have to find a cyber-cafe with a working disk drive (amazingly difficult - there's usually one in every shoppe, and you have to wait for it) and upload from a CD. I have cool photos of the Maoist rally and my cross-country bus ride.

Oh great, NOW it uploads. Okay, guess I have to redo this whole entry...


Rauf said...

Lovely picture there, ever been to Sikkim ?

Rauf said...

love the warm tone there

Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

Dear Rauf: Thanks for writing!

No, I haven't yet been to Sikkim but look forward to going later this year. Any tips?