Tuesday, June 20, 2006


at a loss for a clever subtitle...
Kathmandu, Nepal

It's official - my eyes are screwed up. I have something called Punctate Keratitis (in case you want to Google it) and will be in semi-retirement till it clears up. If you want a good scare just translate Punctate Keratits to "tiny little holes in my cornea."

But not before I get in a good rant
Remember last January when I passed through Majnu Ka Tilla (also known as the Only Decent Place to Stay in Delhi)?

Well, it was just too nice to allow to exist. I mean, a peaceful, relatively clean, cheap place to live within Delhi? NOT possible meddem! So, the authorities have decided it has to go!

Check out the full story
here. How come change around here is always destructive, never creative or constructive? Kali Yuga indeed!

Just adds insult to irony (or is it vice versa?) that MKT is home to lots of political refugees. Now I guess they're double refugees.

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