Monday, March 13, 2006

Nancy Drew in: the Case of the Missing Buddha

Buddha Boy Baffler
Nijgadh, Bara District, Nepal

Hey Shaggy, rev up the Mystery Machine and hit the road - the Buddha Boy's gone walkabout! Maybe he just got tired of his legs falling asleep all day...or his brother/manager wasn't giving him a big enough cut.

See my friends at United We Blog-Nepal for on-the-spot coverage.


Vijay Prasad said...

hi caroline, sorry.., yahoo server have some problem., thanks for Mr. robert's mail. and what happend to Nepal budha exactly?
Now i am preparing to
Autocad, c++, and Charector Animation.

King Amdo said...

...WOW! (I thought) ... still a fire in the house somewhere!

Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

Vijay asked:
what happend to Nepal budha exactly?

Sorry Vijay, I was using American slang. "Gone walkabout" means he just got up and disappeared. In other words, he ran away! Last I heard they didn't know where he was. Strange considering that he is monitored so closely. Or maybe he has siddhis and transported himself.