Saturday, July 28, 2007

Found in translation

Your Name in Arabic
Kathmandu, Nepal

Isn't this cool? Reem is offering a free service; transliterating your name into Arabic script. Just go to her blogpage and send an email. She will post a jpg file of the graphics onto her blog page.

Arabic has got to be the most beautiful-looking script in the world. This service is not a translation - that is, my own name means "singing," but she will not give the Arabic word for "singing" - just a transliteration of the phonic sounds.

I haven't received the reply for transliterated "Sirensongs" yet (Reem says it has to be "songs of the siren"). But my sister's name is Karen; and here (above) is what "Karen" looks like in Arabic.

Laura of Arabia
And yet another cool Arabic-related blog, Carolyn McIntyre, aka Girl Solo in Arabia has devoted herself for the past year and half to journeying in the footsteps of 14th century Moroccan explorer Ibn Battuta. A very literary blog with exceptionally elegant template.

Speaking of translations: after a few requests from foreign viewers frustrated with English, I have added the AltaVista Babelfish translator on the sidebar. With just a few clicks you can translate Feringhee into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German or French.

If anyone knows of a web translator for Hindi, Tamil, Tibetan or other Indian languages, please let me know.

"Sirensongs" in Italian is "Canciones del Sirena." I like it. I guess in Hindi, it's "Jalpari ki sangeet," or maybe, "Jalpari ki gana." ("Jalpari" literally means "water faery." The movie Splash was released here as Jalpari.)

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