Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Just a quick note - today is both Indra Jatra, a big festival in which the King makes a public appearance (hasn't been doing that much lately) and the beginning of a 3-day Maoist and labour unions mass rally here in Kathmandu. I can hear the marching, chanting demonstrators on my street now. I guess today I will be shuttling back and forth between Hanuman Dhoka (the old palace square for Indra Jatra ritual) and the Kula Manch (site of the Maoist mass rally). Ancient tradition meets modern politics.

It's not often you get to have the darshan of the King, the Kumari (Living Goddess) and Prachanda (Maoist supremo) all in one day.


bottled-imp said...

hey siren, saw your comment late. my uttanchal trip was not entirely great. fell sick in kedar and had to return home without going to badri. if you remember, we were trying to do too many things in a short time. but then on the whole the it was enjoyable in parts. will have to head back in that direction some time in future.

Shelli said...

Hi There! I found your blog by complete accident... You are a great writer! I read every post on this page! LOL, you mind if I mark you as one of my favs so I can find you again!?