Saturday, February 28, 2009


Thanks to Double T of Black Cats Manor, I am happy to confirm that my photo "Makar Sankranti" was indeed published in the new Lonely Planet coffee-table book, A Year Of Festivals.

Lonely Planet requested a larger version for a half-page shot, but I was unable to access my photo DVDs which are, I think, in a trunk in Rishikesh.

The down side of perpetual traveling.....wonder if those photo DVDs are still any good.

 Makar Sankranti

Here's where you can purchase the book or a calendar:
 A Year of Festivals (General Reference)

Festivals Calendar 2008


Linda-Sama said...

how awesome! hope you got some do-rei-me for it!

fiberwoman15 said...

Congratulations, Sirensongs!

The Bananafish said...


Sirensongs said...

Thanks to all!
@Linda: yep, that $100 USD buys a lot of chai.